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6 Weeks အတွင်းမှာ Business တစ်ခုကို စတင်မယ်၊ Product ရှာမယ်၊ Marketing လုပ်မယ်၊ ရောင်းမယ်၊ Traffic Drive လုပ်မယ် စတဲ့ နည်းလမ်းတွေပါဝင်တဲ့ သင်တန်းပါ။ အောက်မှာဒေါင်းပါ။


What Do The 6 Weeks of the 0-100K System Look Like?


Week One

Welcome to the System! In your first week we’ll help you “unpack” and walk you through where to find the must-have resources you’ll need to get started, get organized and get even more excited

  • Important Docs
  • ​FAQ’s and Ecom Lingo 101
  • ​Product Inventory Tracker
  • Influencer Organization Document
  • ​How to Set Up Your Business Legally
  • ​My Fast Track Process


Week Two

Get ready to dig deep, because you’ll be learning how to brand your business, find products, understand profit margins, come up with packaging ideas and even how to balance work and family. Other topics include:

  • ​Logos and Color Hacks
  • ​Focus Tricks to Help You Get ‘Move Mountains’
  • ​Finding Your Drive Because Motivation Dies
  • ​Secret Trend Generator
  • ​12-Month Product Selling Guide
  • ​Trending Ideas
  • Importing
  • ​Profit Margin Calculator
  • ​Pricing Your Products
  • ​Selling Sweet Spots


Week Three

You’ll be getting practical with topics like:

  • ​Product Photography and Lighting
  • ​Platforms That Will Help You Sell Your Products
  • ​What Online Shopping Carts Work the Best…and Which One Will Work Best For You
  • What Platforms You Should NOT Be Using

One more thing – I’m going to be sharing my experiences with the freakin’ jerk heads of the world…and how not to let them bring you down.

**And on Day 15, you’ll get access to the Little Black Book of Manufacturers!!!!!! Get ready to celebrate!**


Week Four

This is one of my FAVORITE sections because it’s really about putting the pedal to the metal in your business. That means discussing:

  • ​Shipping Made Easy — the Trick to Streamling it All and Saving Money.
  • ​How to Build Your Own Personal ATM Machine
  • To Grow Your Email List
  • To Increase Your Open Rates
  • ​Increasing Sales
  • ​400+ Monthly Marketing Ideas
  • ​Setting Up For A Rush of Sales
  • ​Increasing Cash Flow


Week Five

Are you ready to connect and collaborate with influencers? I’m going to show you how to get it done in Week Five! (Including what to do…and what NOT to do!)

  • How to Send Customers To Your Shop
  • ​A Step-by-Step Guide to ClickFunnels (and a swipe file of my highest converting page!)
  • ​Which Social Platform Convert the Best
  • ​When to Pay Yourself
  • ​How to Build Systems to Work for You.

We’ll also be talking about how to use:

  • Little Black Book of Manufacturers China Edition
  • ​Little Black Book of Manufacturers and Vendors USA Edition
  • ​Golden Book of Influencers


Week Six

Boom! You’ve made it!

That means getting our expert bonus section and trainings from industry leaders that continue to help you grow your business.

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